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(Updated 2 October, 2004)

Abyss – The home and place of exile of the Infernal Host and the gods of Woe.

Acaris – The north-central plain of Conorria

Accolon – A desert nation of southeast Vatheria, famous for its evil Warlocks.

Acherai – Capital of the Daerond Empire and seat of the Black Duke Bishop Morbanes.

Adalon – Celestial mount of the god Eristemus. Father of the race of swift Valesian horses.

Adamos – A large Conorrian city on the Esharias, built on a series of island connected by bridges.

Adanaeum – Conorrian city sacked by the Darothic Horde in 2282.

Adhmaer – Master of the First Hall. The Celestial who rules over the hall where the souls of the dead await judgment or a return to life.

Adori Brotherhood – The holy warriors of the goddess Ilion. Also known as the Ecstatics.

Adramagdus Mountains – The ring of mountains that protects Har’akir from the outside world.

Aelinwood – A long forest in central Tirgonia

Aelissia – A nation of halflings in western Vatheria. One of the Successor States.

Aelwyn – Controversial king of Tirgonia and duke of Munarch. He forced King Aramayne’s widow to marry him.

Aeolan – The god of Ianthe, said to be the progenitor of the Archons.

Aeolan Crystal – The much-prized crystal unearthed in Ianthe, useful to the Awakening.

Agaleus – God of Justice and Law. He is the son of Artorius and Valkrys and the brother of Mordhal and Omara.

Agazier – Capital of Har’akir. A port city on the Valesian Sea with four harbors and many islands.

Agghara – Accolon city on the Valesian Sea; contains the largest shipyards in Vatheria.

Ahuran – A nation of southwest Vatheria, ruled over by a rigid matriarchal feudal system.

Airnim – A race of human barbarians in Rhanalor famous for their skill with horses.

Akasia – Former Conorrian province, now the Crusader States.

Akir – The native race of Har’akir. Dusky-skinned and descended of genies.

Alaekmon – King of the Stone giants. Servant of Calandra.

Altaia – Hills on the Accolon/Valesia border.

Alatian – The native race of Tirgonia, Daerond and Harkoria. Also their language.

Aldwood – A legendary forest north of all civilization and beyond even the barbarian lands.

Alia Magehand – Daughter of Savril I and Nuar III. Powerful queen of Ahuran.

Alqualondë – A port city in Tirgonia, known as the city of White Towers. It has a small elven population.

Alqualondë Free City Uprisings – The brief period in the summer of 2794, when the citizens of Alqualondë managed to throw off the shackles of the Empire of Frost.

Aluirek – Largest port city in Daerond. Twenty-two miles up the Glamhoth river.

Alwari Brotherhoods – Mysterious religious sects within Har’akir whose members are able to use their bodies as living weapons.

Alzar, the Eleven Veils of – Legendary valley in Har’akir said to be a link to the world of Faerie.

Anntaeus – New father-god of Annvar.

Ammanite Order – The Sleepless Ones. Smaller of the two orders of priesthood in the church of Erdhon. They chant and pray throughout the night all over Theeurth, in order to aid the god on his nightly journeys beneath Theeurth.

Andobulos – God of Pestilence and Madness. One of the gods of Woe.

Annvar – A small nation of northeast Vatheria, known for its strict laws and dislike of magic.

Anvil of the Gods – Deadly rocky desert of northern Farmuz.

Antiphia – A small city of northern Tirgonia, a center of logging and mining.

Aramayne I – Recently deceased king of Tirgonia.

Aranduir – King of Celendor who determined that Celendor would never again retreat from the world.

Archons – The stern rulers of Ianthe.

Aré River – A broad, slow river of central Tirgonia, which divides the duchies of Sirion and Estwilde. The cities of Sirion and Munarch are both built on the banks of the Aré.

Arkemon I – First King of Tirgonia. Also known as Arkemon Dragonsbane.

Ariane – Crown priness of Tirgonia, Aramayne’s daughter, who was assassinated in 2766.

Armallia – Last queen of Corland, died at Darcassore in 2768.

Artagne – Escarpment that runs across the Veinre river in both Corland and Aelissia.

Artaxes – A major river in Luxur, once the northern border of the Beltene Kingdom.

Artorius – God of Strength and Warriors. Son of Roldein and Calandra; twin of Borlamnos.

Arvaiglos – City where the Knights of Corland made their last stand. Now in H’rethek.

Arvanna – Princess of Celendor who had a vision of the knights questing for the Emiriel flower.

Ascarlon – A secretive nation north of the Worldspine mountains said to be ruled by vampire lords.

Attalus – Carhallas Emperor who led retreat from Conorrian Empire in 2745.

Aumarides – The first Conorrian Emperor, son of the god Erdhon. Ruled as Vasil I.

Aurelian – Crown prince of Tirgonia who died in the Great Crusade at the battle of the Lyodan.

Avasian Order – The priesthood of Calandra.

Avydos – City in Tharriya where the Oracle of Borlamnos is found.

Awakening – The mysterious form of magic possessed by the Archons of Ianthe. Also known as the Auricas.

Azanârgud – The lost capital of an ancient Dwarven realm. Sought after by all true adventurers.

Azhkatûm – Capital of Farmuz and a major trading city on the Ymarian Sea. Site of the Tower of the Flame.

Azhran – Fortress of the Gods of Woe prior to the Second War.

Ban of the Gods – Agreement among the gods and the gods of Woe to remain apart from the material world, acting only through their mortal agents.

Barathor – The Great Lion. Celestial herald of the god Artorius.

Bekanai – Nomadic tribes of Rhanalor which frequently attacked Tirgonia. Now settled in Bekanor.

Bekanor – A duchy in Tirgonia. From 2641 to 2763, it was an independent nation.

Bellias – Annvar city on Conorrian border. Site of most Annvar trade.

Beltene – The mysterious empire that nearly conquered Conorria in the Eighth century.

Black Dragons – The elite band who served the dukes of Antiphia until their disappearance.

Black River, the – A river in Corland that runs black with the foul blood of the Beltene dragon Ungauroth.

Black Speech – The corrupted Conorrian spoken by the orcs and goblins of the Worldspines.

Black Spike, the – A huge black monolith hidden in the High Forest. It is said to be the solidified blood of the god Malbor, and is thought to attract or create the undead.

Blackstone, Battle of – A battle in Brythnia during the Mage Wars.  A terrible plague was released on the minotaur and centaur populations.

Black Troll – A legendary breed of troll said to inhabit the depths of the underworld and to be as large as a rock troll but far more intelligent and worst of all, organized.

Black Wood, the – Wild Forest in western Carhallas, along the Hammersea.

Blasted Moor, the – Haunted Aelissian site where the Archlich Elianna was slain.

Bloodhound – A group within the Church of Agaleus dedicated to the capture of criminals.

Blood Mage – Miletian wizards who practiced a powerful blood-based magic which is now lost.

Bolusova – Noble family of the Llyran Republic; traditional holders of the office of Standard-Bearer.

Borlamnos – God of Knowledge and Magic. Son of Roldein and Calandra; twin of Artorius.

Brandelwood – A forest in Tirgonia, lying between the Crown Lands and Bekanor.

Brialle – a Black Duchess of Daerond, killed during the Daerond civil war. A noted patroness of the arts and enemy of Bishop Morbanes.

Brotherhood of the Blinding Light – Corland order of knighthood destroyed at Arvaiglos.

Brythnia – A nation of western Vatheria inhabited by a league of centaurs and minotaurs.

Burastis – Beltene general who invaded the Conorrian Empire in 843.

Cadares – a small Harkorian city at the mouth of the Osgalin. It was the seat of Black Duchess Brialle during the Daeron occupation, and suffered less than other cities. For this reason, it is an important voice on the League Conclave.

Caer Thorne – Nominal capital of Ascarlon. Seat of Gauros the Arisen.

Calaan – Ancient nation in Ahuran, ruled by psions.

Calandra – Conorrian goddes of the earth and fertility. Calandra was one of the five original gods. Roldein is her husband, and the gods Artorius and Borlamnos are her sons.

Calasoth – The great Tirgonian fortress on the Dun Aerinn River, meant to oppose the Daeron fortress known as Hellsmouth Keep.

Camar the Redeemed – jackal-headed Celestial servant of Ilion. She was once a member of the Infernal Host, but repented and aided the gods during the Second War. She is the patroness of reformed thieves and the condemned.

Caravok – God of Hunger and Consumption. Known as the Red Maw. One of the gods of Woe.

Carcharoth – Capital of the Carhallas Empire. Famous for its defenses and weird architecture.

Carradus – Duke of Estwilde in Tirgonia.

Carrenthium – Capital of Brythnia. A major seaport at the eastern extreme of the Golden Sea.

Carhallas – One of the great empires of Vatheria. Inhabited by warlike hobgoblins.

Castle Hoarwinter – Ascarlon ruins. Said to be haunted.

Cavadhe – A steaming swamp at the mouth of the Saronne. Home to lizard-men and monstrous freshwater squid. 

Caxonne – Corland’s chief remaining seaport.

Celendor – Oldest surviving nation of Vatheria, a great realm of the forest elves in the northeast.

Celestial Host – the great gathering of spirits (both lesser and greater) who serve the gods.

Cerindalôme – Legendary elven prince who ventured into the Aldwood to heal his queen.

Chalice of Kings – The royal regalia of Tirgonia, forged for Arkemon Dragonsbane in 2531 and taken into the Edgemoor mountains by Filomen of Dunrannoch in 2793.

Changshai – Distant land to the east, said to be rich and mysterious.

Chantalle – Corland town which fell to the formians in 2753.

Chaplains – The priests of the god Artorius. Their titles are Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander and Lord Commander.

Cloudships – The graceful, fast, flying ships of the Llyran Republic. Personal vessels are known as Cloudskiffs.

Common – A copper coin found throughout Vatheria.

Conn – the barbarian progenitors of the Conorrian people.

Conorr – The first capital of the Conorrian Empire.

Conorrian Empire – Greatest and largest realm of Vatheria, the center of all human culture.

Consul’s Code – The complex written law of Annvar.

Convocation, the – Celebration of Borlamnos, held every four years. It is a large and secret gathering of wizards from across Vatheria.

Coram – The Soul Forger. Servant of Agaleus who reforges the souls of the dead before reincarnation.

Corland – A nation of western Vatheria, ravaged by a decades-long war with H’rethek.

Court of Love, the – Temple to Erephin in Conorria’s Dolenar mountains.

Croestar – A fortress-town in Tirgonia, formerly the capital of Bekanor. It lies in the caldera of an extinct volcano.

Cruachan – A large fortress-city in the duchy of Sothwall in southern Tirgonia, often besieged by Daerond.

Crusaders – The holy warriors of Artorius.

Crusader States – Conorrian lands taken from the invading orcs and settled by western crusaders.

Crystal Knights – The elite warriors of Ianthe, who possess the strange magic known as the Awakening.

Cyclados – Large Conorrian city on the Valesian Sea island of Scythnus. Important trading city.

Deadmoon – Legendary dragon of Haladhor. Died in battle with King Perrian.

Daerond – An evil nation of northwestern Vatheria ruled over by the Black Dukes.

Dalariadh – Capital of Celendor, known as the City of Nightingales. Most beautiful city in Vatheria.

Damarrask – Capital of Accolon, famous for its many spiders and living statues.

Darcassore – City in H’rethek, formerly a great city of Corland. Site of Corish disaster in 2768.

Daria – Goddess of Nature, Lady of the Wild Hunt. She is the daughter of Eristemus and Selene.

Darothic Horde – Barbarous horde of humans who destroyed the Miletian Empire.

Day of Atonement – holiday in honor of Agaleus and Valendria, when mortals seek forgiveness of sins. Held the day after Midsummer.

Day of the Dead – holiday in honor of Agaleus and one’s ancestors. The second day of the year.

Day of Remembrance – holiday in honor of Artorius and fallen heroes. Held the 2nd of Northhale.

Delve – The underground homes of the halflings of Aelissia

Denavine – Ascarlon city opposed to the rule of Gauros the Arisen. Seat of the Mandrake clan.

Deriolanum – Brythnian city destroyed by the shadows of Marador.  Now an evil ruins in northern Brythnia.

Dhûnaz – the language of the Dwarves of Vatheria.

Dianareann – Once-mortal Celestial who serves the god Fargalann as master of cavalry. Elves who invoke Fargalann usually also invoke Dianareann.

D’orevec – Corland town which fell to the formians in 2753.

Drauluin – God of hatred, rage, violence and destruction. One of the gods of Woe.

Dun Aerinn River – River in Tirgonia separating Estwilde from Sothwall. For many years, this was the border held by the occupying Daerons.

Duncrannoch – A large walled town in the duchy of Estwilde in Tirgonia.

Dwarfbridge – The massive and ancient stone bridge spanning more than a quarter mile across the Aré river in Tirgonia. This great feat of dwarven engineering has stood for more than three thousand years. It is also the name of the small village nearby.

Dyrethis – The archlich known as the Black King of Daerond. Ruled Daerond during the years 2397-2641. Destroyed at Dwarfbridge in Tirgonia.

Eann Skye – Name of both a forest and mountain range in northern Tirgonia. Both are home to many goblin tribes.

Eärenya – The caves beneath eastern Celendor where the Eleanturi dwell.

Echoriath – Capital of the Conorrian Empire and the greatest city in Vatheria.

Echorius – Echorius the Great, son of Savril I and Nuar III. Defeated Shanatar and Marador.

Ecthevorn – Twenty-Seventh century prophet of Anntaeus.

Edrigos – Nephew of Hadrasius XXI, governor of Aelissia in 1791.

Eld-en-Hathas – “The Mound of the Slain”. Site of the last battle of the Carhallan invasion of Celendor (2456-57).

Eleanturi – The mysterious Elven “Masters of Fate” who dwell in the caves of Eärenya.

Elgarin’s Road – Mysterious underwater road leading west out of the Llyran island of Riandis.

Elianna – Archlich of Windhaven. Destroyed by Arcasius in 2187.

Eloaster – The Primus. Once a great mortal mage, he is now a servant of Borlamnos, and monitors his expirements.

Elorian Mistmantle – Current king of Celendor, known as the King of the Fey Hunt.

Emiriel Flower – Symbol of the elven race, a single perfect flower sought after by the quest knights of Celendor.

Emperor’s Chosen – Elite warriors of ancient Miletia, they were fanatically loyal to the Emperor.

Empire of Frost – the territory conquered by the troops of Hoarwinter and caught in the grip of unnatural cold.  Comprises the former nations of Skaneholme, Tirgonia, Daerond, Harkoria, Maekras, Ascarlon and western Rhanalor.

Endless Void – The infinite emptiness surrounding Creation.

Epiphethes – A senior Warlock of Accolon. A diviner.

Erdhon – God of the Sun. He is among the most dedicated foes of the gods of Woe. He is the son of Malbor and Shorral, and the twin of Selene.

Erdhon’s Hunters – Dedicated devotees of the sun god who are relentless in their opposition to the undead.

Erebh – A large forest southwest of Tirgonia, dominated by a radical sect of druids.

Erichalcum – Small city in the Llyran Republic famous for its black beaches and magical Triton Bell.

Eristemalia – three-day holiday in late summer in honor of the god Eristemus. It is marked by games, performances, trade fairs and parades.

Eristemus – God of Travel, Trade and Laughter. He is the son of Ilion and Borlamnos, and the brother of Valendria.

Estwilde – a large, mostly wilderness duchy in eastern Tirgonia. Its capital is Duncrannoch.

Erzarus – A large Harkorian town on the Narglaurith river, across from Daerond. Its large stone bridge is the only convenient crossing point on the lower Narglaurith.

Esharias – River on the border between the Conorrian and Carhallas Empires.

Evaless – Goddess known as the Mother of Monsters. One of the Gods of Woe. She is the progenitor of all the monstrous races of Theeurth.

Fargalann – God of Leadership, Competition and Victory. Marshall of the Celestial Host. Once the mortal son of Artorius, he was a great general and the only mortal ever to rise to the ranks of godhood.

Farikh ben al’Soud – The Soul’s Advocate. A member of the Court of Agaleus.

Farmuz – A desert nation of southeastern Vatheria, caught between Conorria, Accolon and Shanatar.

Feast of the Apotheosis – holiday celebrating the ascension of Fargalann to godhood. It is held on the 14th day of Wintertide and is marked by games and competitions, and the sharing of the black bread known as “the General’s Portion”.

Filomen of Duncrannoch – Last Tirgonian Bishop of the Great Church.  He fled into the Edgemoor mountains in 2793 with the Chalice of Kings

Finndal – King of Lorraine, killed at the battle of Maivard in 2580.

Fireblood – hypnotic drink of the Skarn

Firedrake – Sorcerer and Fire-Mage. He burned Aelissia during the Mage Wars.

Firefields, the – Region of Ascarlon native to many fire creatures such as salamanders and mephits.

Firefall Woods – Forest in the Crusader States; site of an ancient catastrophe, home to the crystal trees and the dragon Ymardalore.

Firehair – Mage name of the Llyran wizardess Jorena Alemova who proclaimed herself empress in during the Mage Wars.

Fire Magi – A sect of wizards in Farmuz famous for their mastery of fire magics.

First Council – The remnants of the Llyran people who returned to the Llyran Islands in 1219.

First Mother – The eldest queen of the H’rethek formians. Known in formian as Ryak’al.

First Races – Collective term for the races born during the Second War of the Gods from the flaming shards of Shorral which fell to Theeurth. They include dragons, treants, faeries and the elves.

First War of the Gods – Titanic war between the Celestial Host (led by Thandor, Shorral, Roldein and Calandra) and the Infernal Host (led by Malbor).

Fishermen Emperors – The six Conorrian emperors forced to live at sea to escape the shadow assassins of Marador, 1218-1293.

Five-Who-Are-One – the sorcerous cabal that attempted to bring down the archmage Markimillien during the Mage Wars.

Forentum – Small town in Luxur. Conorrians defeated Ahurans in naval battle near here in 932.

Forest of Memory – A wild wood in southern Carhallas, inhabited by warlike druids.

Forest of Whispers – A wood in western Brythnia, inhabited by goblins.

Forge of Flame – Fane to the god Mordhal situated on the slopes of Mt. Elusis, above the Llyran capital Tarrentica.

Frostrim Mountains – Mountains south of the Aldwood.

Galdus – Warlock of Accolon who invaded Geshtai in 2622

Galim – Har’akir port town on the Ahuran Strait. Ruled by Nalir, the sultan’s son.

Galladian – Conorrian town on the shore of the Golden Sea, abandoned at the end of the tenth century

Gamela – The wooded plain in Har’akir where Procalimax and the IX Legion were destroyed.

Ganelon – Lost capital of Haladhor. Home of the dragon Scaladon the Black.

Gathering, the – Iridian ruins in Accolon rumored to be important to the Warlocks.

Gauhadhor – The black dragon who schemed to conquer Tirgonia. Secret foe of the Black Dragons.

Gauros – Ascarlon vampire destroyed in 1570 during the Ascar civil war.

Gauros the Arisen – Vampire. Strongest faction leader in Ascarlon. Claims to be the original Gauros.

Geshtai – A large island in the eastern Valesian sea, a province of Accolon and home to pirates.

Ghost Forest of Eldameth – Faerie realm in Ascarlon. Ruled over by a reclusive goddess.

Ghostwalkers – A shadowy organization of Harkorian patriots who first banded together during the Daeron occupation, and who know work to rid the Harkorian highlands of the many monsters and dire beasts which impede traffic and trade.

Glamhoth River – broad, slow river in western Daerond.

Gods of Woe – Collective term for the evil gods Malbor, Drauluin, Caravok, Andobulos and Evaless.

Golden Sea – A large inland sea lying between Aelissia, Harkoria and Brythnia.

Gothmaur – Carhallan fortress-city on the Celendor border.

Great Crusade – The effort by the Successor States to drive the orcish armies from Conorria.

Great Delve – Capital of Aelissia

Great Church – The largest religious organization in Vatheria. Its churches may be found in every large town and city. It worships all the Conorrian Gods. Its clerics are called priests and its holy warriors are called paladins.

Great Rift – A seventy-mile long steep-walled valley in Daerond near Acherai. Its mist-filled depths are considered to be very dangerous.

Greensaddle – Western Aelissian town with a fine harbor.

Gretagne, the Ring of – A ring of strange metal pillars more than a mile in diameter which surrounds the abandoned H’rethek village of Gretagne.

Grey Wastes – Inhospitable desert in Daerond. Said to be haunted.

Griffonhawk – the Harkorian sorcerer-priestess who betrayed the archmage Markimillien to the Five-Who-Are-One during the Mage Wars.

Gromontor – Hobgoblin war god of Carhallas.

Gundramming – river on the border of Skaneholme and the Aldwood.

Hadrasius XXI – Conorrian Emperor whose assassination in 1791 sparked the Mage Wars.

Haelopolis – The second city of Ianthe, situated at the edge of the deepest of the Aeolan Rifts.

Haggardin II – Carhallan Emperor who concluded treaty with Worldspine giants in 2689.

Haladhor – A wilderness north of the Conorrian Empire, once home to a famous kingdom of men.

Hammer of the Gods – the great hammer which struck and shattered Theeurth, destroying the ancient realms of Iridian and Numathaur.

Hammersea – The inland sea that filled the crater left by the Hammer of the Gods.

Handmaiden’s Tower – Damarrask residence of the High Priestess of the Veiled One.

Hand of God, the – the arm and hand of an immense statue which protrudes above the trees of the Maggardh.

Har’Akir – A land in southwestern Vatheria, famous for its genies and its warrior-monks.

Harkorian League – A war-torn realm in western Vatheria, famous for its merchant houses.

Haraggar – The Civic Guard of Carcharoth, feared throughout the Carhallas Empire.

Harrow – The Black Duke of Daerond who presided over the Harkorian city of Morthales during the occupation. His Iron Citadel still dominates the city.

Harrow Pass – Site of Pelendur defeat of Annvar in 2726.

Harvestide – Autumn holiday celebrating Calandra and the bounty of the harvest.

Heikan, Seven Pools of – Sacred site in northern Ahuran.

Hellebore – Malbor’s Advocate in the court of Agaleus. The only member of the Infernal Host allowed into Heaven.

Hellsmouth Keep – A former Daeron fortress on the Dun Aerinn river in Tirgonia. The retreating Black Dukes summoned a horde of demons to keep looters out of the fortress.

Heralds – the holy warriors of the god Eristemus.

High Forest – A mysterious forest in central Vatheria, nestled high up in the Worldspine Mountains.

Hills of Terror – Hills in southeast Daerond inhabited by trolls and giant spiders. The Via Brythnia traverses these hills.

Hoarwinter – The mysterious god-emperor of the Empire of Frost.

Horns of Medeas – A hill in Farmuz that was the site of a Conorrian victory over the armies of Shanatar in 2231.

Hortensius – The Archon of Alqualondë who was forced to flee the city during the Alqualondë Free City uprisings of 2794.

Hounds of Daria – the holy warriors of the goddess Daria.

H’rethek – A land enslaved by the aggressive and orderly formian hive-mind. Formerly the southern half of Corland.

Huwallak – Monstrous beast which slumbers beneath the Lake of Salt in Accolon.

Ianthe – Nation of the northwestern Valesian Sea, ruled by the mysterious Archons.

Ice Trolls – A dangerous breed of trolls that inhabit the frozen north. They are possessed of a dangerous combination of cunning and a taste for human flesh.

Ildorini – Easternmost of the Llyran islands and site of the town of Erichalcum.

Ilduskan – Ahuran’s major seaport, famous for it’s beautiful skyline.

Ilion – Goddess of Freedom, Chaos and Inspiration. Daughter of Thandor and Shorral.

Imirion – Small southern fortress-city of Celendor, near the Talamakas mountains.

Infernal Host – Great gathering of spirits, both lesser and greater, who serve the gods of woe.

Inquisitors – Specialty priests of Agaleus who seek out and expose secret agents of the Infernal Host.

Iridian – An ancient realm of great magical power, destroyed by the Hammer of the Gods.

Iron Citadel – the squat black tower of the Black Duke Harrow that still dominates the Morthales skyline. None have entered it and lived to tell the tale.

Ironfang Keep – A tower in Brythnia considered to be cursed and rumored to be demonically guarded.

Jehaa – Crown Princess of Ahuran who found sea route to Changshai in 2527.

Jorrev – Last King of Corland. Captured at Medregar in 2754.

Judgement, The – The difficult ritual undergone by powerful Vigils of Agaleus.

Jurisdas – Last of the Fisherman Emperors. Moved capital to Echoriath in 1330.

Justices – The priests of Agaleus. Their ranks are: Justice, Prothonotary, Prolocutor, High Justiciar.

Kadrech the Lame – Wandering prophet of Malbor in the twenty-first century. His preachings preserved the cult of Malbor when the Miletians had all but destroyed it.

Kahaldin – Carhallan Emperor who led the disastrous invasion of Celendor in 2456.

Kaladene Order – One of two orders of priesthood in the church of Erdhon. They are the active and worldly priests of the order. They are seen far more often than their colleagues in the Ammanites order.

Kal Primus – The capital of H’rethek. A fantastic formian city built over the abandoned Corland city of Darcassore. Site of the brutal defeat of the Corland army in 2768.

Kamari – Reclusive race of dragon-men living in the Shattered Lands.

Kardev – King of all ravens, and winged messenger of the god Borlamnos.

Katerrilax – The dark god that rules over the tiny village of Osaval in the High Forest.

Kauja Gorge – Site of the Ianthan Crystal Knights’ defeat in 2723 by the Worldspine Orcs.

Kazimak Horde – Hobgoblins who invaded Vatheria in 1902 and became the Carhallas Empire.

Kemallaya Peaks – Mountain range, part of the Edgemoor mountains. Home to many monsters.

Keol – Emperor of Conorria killed at the sack of Echoriath in 2743.

Khairis – Capital of Corland. Once a place of learning, now a squalid assortment of refugees.

Khr’rzzt – Language of the Drow elves.

Kneddran – Halfling Mayor of the Great Delve in 1455. Led relief force to Oldbarrow.

Knights of the Laurel Crown – The holy warriors of Fargalann.

Knights of the Sacred Keys – The holy warriors of Borlamnos.

Korrek – Accolon Fortress-town on the Valesian border

Kragen – Carhallan Emperor who invaded the Conorrian Empire in 2723.

Kyartes – A Harkorian trading house, suspected of having hired an assassin to kill the Conorrian Emperior Hadrasius XXI in 1791.

Laedrus – Town in the Crusader States. Sits atop ancient prehistoric cities.

Lake Linnon – Lake in Annvar. Site of Varthane.

Lake of Salt – A large seasonal lake in the Narran desert, home of the Huwallak.

Larimean Bay – A large, sheltered bay on the southeast coast of Har’akir. Agazier is situated here.

Lauresian Guard – The personal elite guard of the Conorrian Emperors.

Leander – the Conorrian emperor who burned Agazier in the year 444.

Liaradann – Once-mortal Celestial bodyguard and companion of the god Fargalann.

Lirienwood – Forest in eastern Aelissia,

Living Rock – the great guardian statues of Accolon.

Llorcan the Golden – Greatest of the Miletian Emperors. He nearly succeeded in hounding the cult of Malbor out of existence.

Llorcaumathar – The Desert Worm. A dragon that was the despot of Farmuz for two centuries.

Llyran Republic – An island nation in the western Valesian Sea famous for its many mages and its magical skyships.

Longarrow – Warlock. A major force in the Mage Wars. His Capital was at Oldbarrow in Aelissia.

Long Strand – a beach on the Harkorian island of Naxarius where formerly the mer-folk would come to trade pearls and other treasures of the sea.

Lorraine – An island nation of western Vatheria, known for its great sailors.

Llyran Republic – An island nation of the Valesian Sea, home to thousands of powerful wizards.

Lonely Tower – Tower in Echoriath bay, traditionally reserved for imprisonment of royalty.

Lucan Spidereyes – One of the most infamous of the Warlocks of Accolon.

Lucan’s Spiderstaff – One of the great relics of Accolon history.

Luineth – Half-Elf sorcerer and retired adventurer resident in Greensaddle.

Luxur – A nation of southwestern Vatheria, home to mysterious beasts and cults of Death.

Lyodan River – Large river that forms the northern and western borders of the Crusader States.

Maaliya – The legendary Har’akir heroine who forged a pact with the sultan of the genies.

Maddari – Ahuran mother goddess.

Maekras – A powerful confederation of orcish tribes east of the Edgemoor mountains.

Mage Wars – Devastating Conorrian civil war which shattered both the Empire and many of its lands.

Maggardh Fens – A large swampy region at the mouths of the Saronne river that covers hundreds of square miles both in Corland and H’rethek. It is inhabited by a wide variety of wildlife.

Mainab – Author of the code of Parmaadan. Her cave is at Mahaaran.

Mahaaran – Small Ahuran town that is the site of a great festival each year.

Mahadran – The patois of western languages spoken in the Mahadran Islands.

Mahadran Islands – An archipelago west of Vatheria, home to many pirates.

Maidhan, the straits of – Dangerous straits between the Llyran islands of Maidhan and Ryoril.

Maivard – Coastal Corland city. Corland lost a great sea battle near here at the end of the Sixty Years’ War.Maladaric – The language of Vatheria’s gnomes.

Malbor – The Conorrian god of Tyranny, Hatred and Fear. He was one of the five original gods. He raised Drauluin, Caravok, Andobulos and Evaless to godhood. He is the father of Erdhon and Selene, and through Evaless, of the monstrous races.

Manndaran – River that flows through central Carhallas.

Marador – Land south of Vatheria which teems with undead armies.

Maravael – Legendary founder of the Knights of the Keys. He is said to have borne secret knowledge out of the fall of Numanthaur.

Mar Awas – A village in central Har’akir, the site of pilgrimages. Said to contain the chained demon Umbrolog.

Mardan Plain – Fertile plain at the heart of Annvar.

Marhet – Former sultan of Har’akir, father of the current sultan.

Markimillien I – Archmage. Victor of the Mage Wars in the west. First Miletian Emperor.

Marova – A noble family of the Llyran Republic; founders of Tarrentica.

Marrakhan Hills – Rugged hills on the border between Har’akir and Luxur. Infested with ogres.

Marrodh, the – Fortress-home of the half-orc druid Ulgash of the Seven Hands. It lies deep in the eastern High Forest.

Mavarre, Straits of – the body of water which separates H’rethek from Lorraine.

Maxillentius – Great dragon that ruled Tirgonia from 2419 to 2531. Killed by Arkemon I.

Medregar – Corland town which fell to the formians in 2753.

Melakopolis – City in eastern Conorria. Furthest southern conquest of Carhallas in 2723.

Meledrian – Dwelling place of the gods in the midst of Theeurth before the Second War.

Milesian Peninsula – Once the heart of the Conorrian Empire, now its westernmost province.

Miletian Empire – The western successor to the Conorrian Empire after the Mage Wars. It was destroyed by the Darothic Horde in 2282, and replaced by the Successor States.

Minaros – Valesian Supreme Strategos who defeated Accolon.

Meij – Mythic Capital of Calaan.

Midhael – The Angel of Retribution. Punishing servant of Agaleus.

Mistraven River – Border between Rhanalor and Carhallas Empire.

Moot, the – Governing body of Aelissia.

Morbanes – Black Duke of Acherai in Daerond and Bishop of Malbor.

Mordecai – Town in Tirgon, capital of the smallest duchy. Home to the Great Library of Borlamnos.

Mordhal – God of the Forge. Son of Artorius and Valkrys; brother to Agaleus and Omara.

Morreiontown – Town in Haladhor at the confluence of the Phaedon and Edruin rivers.

Morthales – Capital of the Harkorian Leauge. It lies at the mouth of the Golden Sea.

Mount Hanaas – Broad, low outcropping of greenish rock in the Sea of Sand. Sacred to both the Orolindi and the Skarn.

Mount Hoarwind – An underground fortress-city in northeast Daerond; site of the Tower of the Broken Moon. Seat of the Black Duke Null.

Muhalli – Fire Mage of Farmuz, right hand of the Emir.

Mukatir – Farmuz city on the Shanatar border. Home of the emir Kadel.

Mulgaunt – A river in Accolon. The capital Damarrask lies on its banks.

Munarch – Fortress-town in eastern Tirgonia, capital of the duchy of the same name.

Muzir – Har’akir port city on the north coast. A major naval base.

Mystic – Language of a mysterious, vanished sect of psions.

Nantilima – The Golden Mariner. Servant of the god Erdhon. Pilot of his golden ship Edaverot

Narglaurith – The broad river that forms the border between Daerond and Harkoria. Its banks include some of the little arable land in Daerond.

Narran – The Desert that dominates Accolon

Narranthus – The capital of Ianthe.

Naryan Pass – Location of Sedeskan, Ahuran’s capital.

Nazeer – A wizard of Luxur who contended for the Conorrian throne during the Mage Wars. Known as the Emerald Dragon, he was imprisoned in a crystal worn by Markimillien, who defeated him in single combat.

Neferis – The Queen of Thieves. Once a mortal thief, now the Celestial herald of the god Eristemus.

Neldorean Wood – A forest realm in western Vatheria where non-elves are definitely not welcome.

Nementhar’s Hold – Mining village in Haladhor, near the High Forest.

Nemueth – Legendary dryad princess of the Aldwood.

Nether Rift – The extremely deep Aeolan Rift near Haelopolis in Ianthe.

Nicomedia – Conorrian town on the Golden Sea, abandoned at the end of the tenth century.

Nightmare Gauntlet – A great evil artifact of the god Malbor, forged in the pits of Daerond and used to preserve his cult during centuries of Miletian persecution.

Niharn Arch – Iridian artifact in Annvar.

Niome – the birth name of the sorcerer-priestess Griffonhawk.

Noble – A gold coin found throughout Vatheria. Worth ten silver Traders.

Nomentharis – Green dragon of the Aldwood. Killed in battle with Thyaxis a century ago.

Nuar III – Ahuran queen who invaded Luxur in 1117. Forced to marry Savril I.

Null – The unknown being who became Archon of Alqualondë after the uprisings of 2794.

Numanthaur – A great power of ancient days, northern rival to Iridian. Destroyed by the Hammer of the Gods.

Nuradeem – Accolon City on the Ymarian Sea, famous for its pearl fisheries.

Nur’aleem – Cult of assassins that operates in Accolon, Farmuz, Thariyya and Shanatar.

Officers – Members of the Order of the Laurel Crown – the priesthood of the god Fargalann.

Oldbarrow – Aelissian city in the Lirienwood.

Omara – Goddess of Home and Hearth. She is the daughter of Artorius and Valkrys, and the sister of Agaleus and Mordhal.

One, The – The creator of Theeurth and the gods. He stands outside time and matter, and watches over all that occurs.

Oras – Island of Farmuz, site of Qu’dran.

Order of the Laurel Crown – the priesthood of the god Fargalann. Also known as the Officers.

Order of the Mantled King – Corland order of knighthood destroyed at Arvaiglos.

Order of Narses – A brotherhood of wizards in the Llyran Republic; among the most respected mystical orders in all of Vatheria.

Orleos – A city in Harkorian which fell under a terrible curse uttered by the lich-king Dyrethis. The great treasures of ancient Harkoria were taken to Orleos for safekeeping, and they rest there still, guarded by the undead inhabitants of the city.

Ormswood – A small forest in southern Tirgonia, famous as the roost of dragons.

Orolindi – A secretive clan of desert elves in Farmuz. They are said to be seeking something in the vast Sea of Sand.

Orromadh – The Whisperer – Celestial servant of the goddess Ilion, who whispers prophecies into the ears of oracles and madmen.

Osaval – tiny village on the Ascarlon eaves of the High Forest. It is ruled over by a god named Katerrilax.

Osgalin – a river in central Harkoria. It is swift and deep and is navigable only as far north as the Trade Road.

Paladins – The holy warriors of the Great Church. They are known for the selfless acts of courage in the defense of the defenseless.

Parmaadan – Ahuran Code of Warrior Honor. Known as The Soul of the Warrior.

Pelendur – Hidden realm of Eastern Vatheria, peopled by men descended from dragons.

Pergerlus – Conorrian city sacked by the Darothic Horde in 2282.

Perrian – Legendary hero-king of Haladhon who died in battle with the dragon Deadmoon.

Phaedon – Major river of Haladhon. Flows out of the High Forest and into Conorria.

Phantom Desert – Enchanted desert in the Crusader States that changed locations each night. It is said to contain a lost graveyard of gods and titans.

Phoenix, the – Legendary symbol of Conorrian power.

Phoenix Throne – The throne of the Conorrian Emperors.

Plain of Bones – Haunted waste in southwestern Annvar. Site of battle between orcs, men and elves.

Pontezium – City in the Crusader States, site of a famous siege. Seat of Tristan the Bold.

Preservers – One of the two orders of priesthood in the Borlamnian church. They are rarely adventurers.

Procalimax – the Conorrian general who defeated the Har’akir fleet at Orod in the year 419.

Proclamation, the – holy day of Borlamnos, held every four years. The words of the Oracle at Avydos are debated and lectures and magical demonstrations are held.

Qu’dran – Large town in Farmuz. Site of a famous temple to Valkrys.

Quentas – Language of Vatheria’s elves.

Rameth – Fabled prince of Iridian who battled the god Malbor in the High Forest.

Reapers – The holy warriors of Calandra.

Reor – Current Emperor of Carhallas, a great warrior and strategist.

Regaldros – City in the Crusader States where weird magic has freed the shadows to independent life. Seat of Kellek, Knight-Commander of the Blazing Dawn.

Rhanalor – Great northern plains of Vatheria, dominated by nomadic tribes.

Rhavais – Small Corland city near the Stormpeaks, home to the Salian Brotherhood.

Riandis – Largest of the Llyran islands and site of the capital, Tarrentica.

Ring of Gold, Land of the – Faerie realm lying within Ahuran.

Roldein – Conorrian god of the oceans and water. Roldein was one of the five original gods. Calandra is his wife, and the gods Artorius and Borlamnos are his sons.

Ruarnath – Abandoned temple in Haladhor, now a haven for Stone Trolls.

Ryak’al – The formian name for the First Mother, eldest queen of the H’rethek formians.

Ryarch Pass – a high, narrow pass through the Edgemoor mountains between Ascarlon and Harkoria. Part of the Darothic horde used this pass to invade the Miletian Empire. Something is now corrupting all the land around the pass.

Rymidion Forest – Large wilderness forest northeast of the Conorrian Empire. Home to goblins, kobolds, orcs and even solitary beholders.

Sargonnaedh – The blue dragon who supported Nazeer during the Mage Wars.

Saronne River – Swift-flowing river on the Corland/H’rethek border. Lined with massive fortresses.Savril I – Conorrian Emperor in 1117. Defeated Nuar III of Ahuran.

Scaladon the Black – Dragon who has made the ruins of Ganelon its home.

Scarlet Dragon – The oldest of the Alwari Brotherhoods, known for its fluid, hard style of martial arts.

Sea of Grass – Vast central savannah of Brythnia, known for its abundance of animals.

Sea of Sand – Trackless southern desert of Farmuz. Home to sphinxes, dust devils and lions

Sea of Serpents – A large arm of the Valesian Sea famous for its sea snakes of all sizes.

Second War of the Gods – After the murder of Shorral, the Celestial Host made war upon the Infernal Host and the gods of Woe, destroying Azhran and Meledrian, and changing much of Theeurth in the process. After this, the Infernal Host was exiled to the Abyss.

Sedeskan – Capital of Ahuran. Mist-wreathed city high in the Mountains.

Seekers – The adventuring priests of Borlamnos. Their titles are Seeker and Master.

Selene – Goddess of the Moon. Subtle opponent of the gods of Woe. She is the daughter of Malbor and Shorral, and is the twin of Erdhon. She is also the wife of Eristemus and the mother of Daria.

Selintarran – Stream on the Accolon/Valesia border.

Shadowmaster – Tyrant archmage of Marador, defeated in 1293 by the Conorrian Emperor Jurisdas.

Shadowwood – A forest of eastern H’rethek, dominated by the dragon Urugall.

Shanatar – Realm east of Vatheria, ruled by an immortal god-king and great rival to Conorria.

Shattered Plain, the – large ashen wasteland on the Conorrian/Shanatar border. Home to giants, dragons, and the Kamari.

Shorral – Dead goddess of fire and creation, she was one of the five original gods. Her children are Ilion, Valkrys, Erdhon and Selene. She was murdered by Malbor, and the sparks that flew from her dying body gave birth to the mortal races.

Shuran Revolt – A large slave revolt in Ianthe in the years 2644-2646.

Sinking Land, the – Wild swampy region between Ascarlon and Carhallas. Home to lizard-men.

Sirion – Largest city in Tirgonia, and capital of the duchy of the same name.

Sixty Years’ War – Wars between Lorraine and Corland, 2519-2580.

Skane – A barbarian warrior culture living in the far northwest of Vatheria.

Skaneholme – Land of the Skane.

Skarn – A race of philosophical half-man/half-scorpions living in Accolon and Farmuz.

Solstice Tower – Strange fortress in the Crusader States that only appears on the winter solstice. It is said to travel to other worlds.

Sothwall – The large southern duchy in Tirgonia. Its capital is Cruachan. Often occupied by Daerond.

Sothwood – The largest forest in Tirgonia, dominating the duchies of Sothwall and Estwilde.

Speakers – the priests of the goddess Ilion.

Stoneheart Mountains – A realm of giants in southwestern Vatheria. It has recently been the site of a war between the giants and the formians of H’rethek.

Stone Trolls – A large breed of trolls. More ponderous and stupid than usual, their skin is said to as hard as stone.

Stormpeaks – Mountains south of the Golden Sea, between Aelissia and Brythnia.

Successor States – Remnants of the Miletian Empire. Includes Tirgonia, Daerond, Harkoria, Brythnia, Aelissia, Corland, Lorraine and Ianthe.

Summer Solstice – a holiday in celebration of the god Erdhon, marked by picnics, fairs and footraces.

Summoning War – War between Shanatar and Conorria, involving elementals and demons.

Tablets of Eternity – lost writings of the prophet Vaulos.

Talamakas Mountains – Tall mountain range that forms the northeastern border of Vatheria.

Targary – A legendary realm of violent nomads far to the northeast of Vatheria.

Tarl Wolfspaw – Rhanalorian warlord who invaded the Carhallas Empire in 2745.

Tarrentica – Capital of the Llyran Republic. Situated on the slopes of Mt. Elusis, it is the home of the Academy and the Senate.

Tarsis – Legendary Conorrian hero, tricked a living statues of Accolon into destroying itself.

Taurion – A prince of Tirgonia, nephew of the duke of Sirion. Opponent to king Aelwyn.

Templars – the holy warriors of Erdhon.

Thyaxis – Infamous red dragon of the Frostrim mountains. Slew Nomentharis of the Aldwood.

Thandor – Conorrian god of the air and sky. Thandor was one of the five original gods. Shorral was his wife, and the goddesses Ilion and Valkrys are his daughters. Erdhon and Selene are his adopted children.

Thariyya –

Thendam – The river of Alqualondë, which runs through the Greenwood in Tirgonia.

Thugrekk the Eye of God – Hobgoblin founder of the Carhallas Empire.

Tigelion – The long, swift river of northern Tirgonia, which dominates Mordecai and Antiphia.

Tirgon – Large port city, capital of Tirgonia.

Tirgonia – Embattled northernmost realm of the Successor States and home to most Theeurth games.

Titan’s Throne, the – A large flat boulder in Harkoria supported on four smaller boulders. It is the site of frequent mage duels and is thought to be visited by the fey.

Torc of Gold – Legendary holy relic which was the object of the quest of the knights of Haladhor.

Trader – A silver coin common throughout Vatheria. It is the standard of trade and is worth 10 copper Commons.

Tristan the Bold – Duke of Pontezium and a power in the Crusader States.

Turlag – Carhallan city on the Hammersea, famous for its green slate roofs.

Ulairus – Annvar monastery where all Consuls retire.

Ularus Bridge – Site of the defeat of the Darothic Hordes by the Conorrian legions.

Ulgarradin – The Earth-Shaker. Dwarven name for the god Erdhon.

Ulgash of the Seven Hands – Famous half-orc druid who lives in the eastern High Forest.

Uluthir – Great waterfall on the Veinre river.

Umbrolog – Great demon said to be imprisoned below the Har’akir village of Mar Awas. A being associated with pestilence and contagion and believed to have been imprisoned by the Luxurite warrior god Mathuk.

Underhill – Famous caverns beneath the Lirienwood.

Ungauroth – The Beltene dragon slain in Corland in 843. His blood still pollutes the Black River.

Urael – Herald of the Dawn. Celestial herald of the god Erdhon. He is the bright star seen just before dawn in the winter, and just after dusk in the summer.

Urdox Meltias – Brythnian minotaur in command of the Conorrian Empire’s western armies during the Second Beltene War in the Eighth century.

Urmallahaut – Ancient flying city of Numanthaur, recently rumored to have reappeared in Carhallas.

Urugall – The dragon which lives in the Shadowwood. It has a long history of raiding the Corland countryside and even the shipping lanes south of H’rethek.

Ur-Vath – A nomadic people of Rhanalor, rivals of the Airnim and allies of the gnoll tribes.

Vacamiel – The Liber Exaltus. Powerful Celestial who serves Borlamnos. He is the historian of the gods, and records everything ever written by mortals.

Valendria – Goddess of Beauty and Love. Daughter of Ilion and Borlamnos; sister to Eristemus.

Valerius I – Conorrian boy-Emperor who was the eventual victor of the Mage Wars.

Valesian City-States – The warlike southern realm famous for its generals and philosophers.

Valesian Sea – The great inland sea of Vatheria.

Valkrys – Goddess of Wisdom and Compassion. Daughter of Thandor and Shorral.

Valley of the Gods – A legendary valley in Celendor where the Gods are said to hold court.

Valley of High Sorcery – A legendary valley in the east, said to guard ancient and powerful magic.

Valley of the Kings – An ancient, massive cave complex in Har’akir built by an unknown race of people. Half of it has never been opened.

Valis – Island continent far to the southwest of Vatheria where the Llyran people dwelled in their exile.

Vallordraumoth the Emerald – Green dragon tyrant of Brythnia during the years 2326 – 2690.

Valorguard, The – Invisible spirits of once-mortal daughters of Artorius. They bring the souls of those who died a valorous death to the Judgment of Agaleus and speak on their behalf.

Vangerlin the Fool – Celestial herald of the goddess Ilion.

Varantius II – Current Conorrian Emperor, known as “Keloicrator”, Hammer of the Hobgoblins.

Vardan – A senior Warlock of Accolon. A one-eyed necromancer

Varens – The king of Tirgonia who defeated Dyrethis the Black, lich-king of Daerond.

Vari – Native peoples of Corland.

Varinghost – Temporary trading city erected every three years on the borders of the Aldwood.

Varomiel – Legendary elven queen who died when Cerindalôme failed in his quest.

Varthane – Cheerless Capital of Annvar.

Vastium – Largest port city in the Llyran Republic, seated beside Camistella Bay.

Vatheria – Western lands of Theeurth, thought to be a continent.

Vaudan – 

Vaul – Barbarian tribe which settled in Annvar in the 23rd century.

Vaulos – Prophet of the god Eristemus.

Veiled One, the –

Veinre – Swift-running river that forms the border between Aelissia and Corland.

Verezhan – 

Vernarius – Holiday celebrating Calandra and the return of Spring.

Via Brythniana – The great northern Conorrian road running from Echoriath to Tirgon.

Vigils – The holy warriors of Agaleus. Their ranks are Vigil, Sword and High Vigil.

Vorogod – A Llyran fortress on the Ianthan mainland. The center of much dispute between the two nations.

Ysgarll – An illithid servant of Gauhadhor and the great enemy of the Black Dragons.

Wanderer, the – The old crone who wanders Theeurth as herald of Calandra. She is also known variously The Grandmother, the Grey Witch, Miarwë Tinelossë, Omorn and Mother Burrow.

Warlock – One of the ruling wizards of Accolon.

War Wizard – An elite cadre of battle wizards, fanatically loyal to the Conorrian Emperor.

Wayfarers – the priests of the god Eristemus.

Well of Memory – Legendary spring of wisdom in the Aldwood, guarded by seven maiden knights.

Well of Worlds – Legendary temple at the center of Vatheria which is said to contain one thousand and one doors, each of which leads to another world or time.

White Stag, the – Celestial herald of the goddess Daria.

Windhaven – Wilderness island west of Vatheria, formerly home to the archlich Elianna.

Winter Solstice – a holiday in celebration of the god Erdhon, marked by fasting and prayer.

Wolkriyë – King of Bekanor whose assassination by his own people in 2756 ignited a war between Bekanor and Tirgonia.

Wrath of the Gods – The destruction rained down on Iridian, Numanthaur and the ancient realms.

Yisselda – Queen of Tirgonia, wife of both Aramayne and Aelwyn.

Ymandragore – Otherworldly race that hounded the Llyrans out of Valis.

Ymardalore – Great Green Dragon of the Firefall Woods. Centuries old and said to be fiendishly clever.

Young Gods – Collective term for the gods born after the Second War of the Gods. This includes Agaleus, Mordhal, Omara, Eristemus and Valendria. It also includes the Latter Gods Daria and Fargalann.

Zhurandor – Dwarven mining outpost in Haladhor. Possibly the victim of a catastrophe.