Thandor, god of the air and sky

Thandor is one of the five original gods of Theeurth, and is often given the title "King of the gods".  He is lord of the air and all that flies in it.  He wields thunder and lightning and holds the four winds in the palm of his hand.  Widowed husband of Shorral, father to Ilion and Valkrys and foster-father to Erdhon and Thandor, Thandor is synonymous with freedom, wildness and compassion.

From his high hall, he can see much that goes on in the world, and sends his agents to and fro in the guise of birds to bring him word of the acts of mortals and to keep a vigilant eye against the works of Malbor.


Thandor’s church is well-represented among the elves and humans, and cared for least among the underground races.  Among the wild and barbaric peoples of the world, he is best-loved of all the gods, and is known by many names and titles.


Thandor is Neutral Good.


In Conorrian art, Thandor is represented as having three avatars – the rash young Stormlord, the great King and the wise old Grandfather.  In the Successor States, he is the Great Oak, which holds up the Sky.  South of the Valesian sea, he is a hawk-headed deity.  In most of these guises, he holds four beasts on chains or leashes – the four winds.

His symbol is most often a pair of spread wings, but is also a lightning bolt.


Thandor sees most clearly the purposes of the One, and of all the Celestial Host knows most of the course of the future.  His purpose is to shepherd the mortal world toward a destiny even he sees only dimly.  

He cares for the mortal races as his foster children, for they are a great part of what remains of his beloved wife Shorral.  Yet he can be terrible in his punishment of his errant children, for it was he who threw down great pieces of the sky and destroyed Iridian and Numanthaur, mightiest of the mortal empires. 


The Four Winds – The winds that blow about the earth are but shadows of their true power.  When unchained, the four winds are great powers of destruction, and thus are unleashed by the Sky Father only rarely.

Mendalon and Urios – These two crows sit upon the Sky Father’s shoulders and bring him news of events all across the mortal world.  They are clever and loyal, but vain.  They fear Ilion, who once chained them to one of her cats.

Aradion – Father of eagles, this great bird or his progeny have often served the hosts of Thandor as steeds or messengers. 

THE CHURCH – The Eyries of Thandor

Church Description

Once, long ago, the Eyries of Thandor (as his churches are called) were among the most popular places of worship.  But with the rise of civilization, the concerns of mortals turned to the matters of war, medicine, commerce and crafts.  The worship of the Sky Father has been receding for centuries.  

Then, too, the Eyries never involved themselves in the factions and politics of the mortal world, and withdrew to mountaintop temples as the great cities grew.  Now, most of the Thandorite clergy remain in these remote fastnesses and only rarely come into contact with the outside world.

Church Structure

There are three holy orders dedicated to the Sky Father: The Wings (clergy), Talons (holy warriors) and Thunders (monks).  Members of any or all of the the three orders may be found within a single eyrie.  No central authority rules over the various eyries.  The highest authority in any eyrie is the most senior Wing.   


The Eyries teach that it is always possible to look up, to reach for the heavens.  Just as Thandor himself embodies both the dark and the light, savior and avenger, so is each mortal given the choice of darkness and light.  Redemption is possible for even the most debased of creatures.

The Eyries also teach that freedom is the right and heritage of all those who dwell in Theeurth.  Slavery, serfdom and subjugation are all anathema to the ways of Thandor.  This makes them quite unpopular with the rulers of the most authoritarian nations.

Holy Days

No specific days are dedicated to the Sky Father, though one of the days of the week is named for him in the Conorrian calendar.  However, many communities celebrate local festivals dedicated to Thandor.

Preferred Weapon

Thandor wields no weapon but the lightning.  Most of his priests imitate this with spears and heavy javelins.