Here are some of my favorite gaming sites.  

D20 Relatedimage

Paizo Publishing – makers of the Pathfinder RPG

The Pathfinder SRD – the game at a glance

Wizards of the Coast – makers of Dungeons and Dragons

ENWorld – The Internet’s best site for D20 and D&D news – A great site by a great game designer – Monte Cook’s ongoing megadungeon

Medieval Demographics Made Easy – Can’t recommend it highly enough.

RPGNow – A great place to find RPG-related PDFs.


Gaming Humor

Knights of the Dinner Table Online – If you’re not laughing, you’ve got the wrong hobby, Bub.

PvP Online – Read it every day.  It’s good for you.

Nodwick / Full Frontal Nerdity – Two for the non-price of one!

Dork Tower – John Kovalic’s classic.

The Order of The Stick – I think I just failed a Listen check!

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic – The man’s a comics-writin’ machine!


Gaming Podcasts

RPG Circus

3.5 Private Sanctuary / Pathfinder Know Direction

Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast

Atomic Array


Other Links

The Boardgame Player’s Association – The name says it all

Web Grognards – The best clearing house for all boardgames

Lords of the Earth – Highly detailed, interactive nation-building PBEM

ProFantasy – Makers of the Campaign Cartographer mapping software.

Lords of Theeurth – “Lords of the Earth” set in Theeurth.