Real Date: November 7, 2010
Campaign Session: 4
Adventure Session: 4 (Into Kelmarane)
Campaign: Legacy of Fire
Adventure: Howl of the Carrion King
Theeurth Date: Lorendon 24-25, 2901
Location: Kelmarane, Har’Akir

Players/Characters Present:
Alan Kohler – Khalil
Andrew Sayer – Tain
Fred Munn – Marud
Jay Robinson – Hassan
John Rugwell – Dyn
Richard Bennett – Ibrahim
Tommy McGowan – Diox

After mourning the loss of Ribas and Sabir, the team set about cleaning up the shrine of Erdhon in the ruined monastery.  Then Dyn and Father Zastoran blessed the altar anew and rededicated it to the god of the sun.

The team then met Hassan and Ibrahim, an arcane duelist and ranger, respectively.  These were some of Haleen’s adopted protegés and had come to help find her in Kelmarane.  After consulting with Oxvard, the surviving member of the Lions of Senara, they decided to cross the nameless river that ran through Kelmarane and approach the town from the far side, thus clearing the buildings there and securing a means of retreat across the bridge.

Approaching the town, they fought two huge beetles, one of which seized up Hassan and ran with him, but the team was able to bring down both of the armored behemoths.

Entering Kelmarane, they first found an abandoned mill inside of which was a large, strange nest made of logs, branches and bits of broken weaponry and bone.  The occupant, thankfully, was absent.  A search for magic soon revealed a magical ring that Diox identified as a ring of jumping


The next building was inhabited by a half-bird half woman – a harpy.  She was using the old tannery to create some noxious brew that seemed to include human remains.  Despite her vile appearance and demeanor, she seemed eager to make alliance with the party, cozying up first to Hassan and then to Marud.   She gave her name as Undrella and promised to aid the party if they would kill her lover, Kardswann.  Kardswann was the human who had taken over the Kulldis tribe and dominated Kelmarane. 

Undrella the harpy

The sages among the party also knew that Kardswann was the name of one of the Templars of the Five Winds. Diox had a flash of memory demonstrating that Kardswann was a holy and persistent enemy of evil. Undrella said that he had come to Kelmarane and entered the catacombs under the ruined church at the town’s end.  When he had emerged, he was wholly different, violent and domineering.

The team agreed to Undrella’s terms and moved into the town to kill the great snake whose body she needed for her potions.  Preparing to meet another gnoll patrol, they met something wholly unexpected: a howling demon.

Kezurkian the demon

This hideous and twisted being was immensely strong and able to leap astounding distances.  It engaged the party, howling at an incredible volume.  But the team rallied and soon drove it back, killing the demon.  Tain took possession of its magical halberd.


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