Real Date: October 24, 2010
Campaign Session: 3
Adventure Session: 3 (Leeeroy Jenkins!)
Campaign: Legacy of Fire
Adventure: Howl of the Carrion King
Theeurth Date: Lorendon 22-23, 2901
Location: Kelmarane, Har’Akir

Players/Characters Present:
Alan Kohler – Khalil
Andrew Sayer – Tain
Jay Robinson – Ribas
John Rugwell – Dyn
Richard Bennett – Sabir
Tommy McGowan – Diox

Garavel now asked the band of stalwart adventurers to begin scouting the outer perimeter of Kelmarane, warning them in no uncertain terms to avoid entering the Battle Market or areas immediately adjacent to it.

The team decided to first investigate rumors they’d heard of an abandoned shrine to Borlamnos, god of magic and knowledge.  The shrine was said to housed an oracle in ancient times and to have been abandoned centuries ago, long before the doom that came to Kelmarane itself.

Kelmarane Environs

They crossed the river and approached the ancient structure, but were attacked by two large insectile monsters with feathery feelers.  These were the legendary bane of adventurers: rust monsters.  Voracious and territorial, the rust monsters pursued the team’s heavily armored fighter, Tain.  Tain kept well away from the iron-eating beasts, but they did manage to destroy both Sabir’s and Diox’s armor before the team killed the two beasts.

The party then returned to their base at the monastery of Erdhon.  They borrowed armor and set out again in the morning.  This time they avoided the old shrine and went straight through the pesh fields to the outskirts of Kelmarane itself.  Their plan was to set an ambush for some of Kelmarane’s gnolls.  The plan was a bit too successful, as it turned out.

Speeded by an expeditious retreat spell, Diox ran into the city, making noise and hurling javelins at a gnoll patrol.  These chased him to the ege of the escarpment looking down into the pesh fields.  From there, Diox slew a gnoll with a thrown javelin.  Shortly thereafter, he fled into the pesh fields with ten gnolls hot on his trail.

A view of Kelmarane

Back in the pesh fields, the rest of the team was waiting in ambush.  Ribas and Sabir were far forward while the rest of the team waited several dozen yards into the thick stands of pesh cactus.  The gnolls overran Sabir and Ribas and swarmed into the party’s position.  The sheer weight of numbers and the ferocity of the enemy soon began to take its toll.

Separated from their companions, the halfling brothers Sabir and Ribas fought back to back against overwhelming odds and died that day amidst the dust and cactus spines.  Meanwhile, the main body of adventurers fought on bravely and without hope.  They were saved by a fortuitous combination of spells.  Khalil’s entanglement spells created a trap for the unwary and several gnolls fled into the entangled area as the result of another spell. 

In the end, the heroes drove off and killed the ten gnolls, but at the cost of the halfling’s lives.


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