Glossary – A listing of people, places and things in the Legacy of Fire campaign.



Almah – A merchant princess of Har’Akir and the party’s patroness.

Dashki – Human expert on gnolls. An advisor to the Kelmerane expedition. Has an unhealthy fascination with Almah.

Garavel – Major domo to Almeh. Tough and no-nonsense, with a fatherly relationship to Almah.

The Moldspeaker – Another name for Diox, because he was imprinted by memories long held dormant in a non-sentient slime mold.

Undrella – The harpy who lives in Kelmarane’s abandoned tannery.  She has assisted the party in seizing Kelmarane.

Zastoran – Priest of Erdhon and healer to the Kelmarane expedition. He is somewhat elderly and enjoys giving a good lecture.



The Carrion King – Unknown figure who has forged a powerful alliance of gnoll tribes in the Adramagdus mountains and Marrakhan hills.

King Mokknokk – King of the Pugwampis.  Killed in the abandoned monastery outside Kelmarane.

Kardswann – One of the Templars of the Five Winds. He was corrupted by the daemon Xulthos and became the Mouth of the Carrion King and chieftain of the Kulldis gnolls. Killed in Kelmarane.

Xulthos – Daemon of corruption trapped by the Pactmasters below the Church of Erdhon in Kelmarane. He corrupted Kardswann and tried to start a war.  Killed in Kelmarane.


Townsfolk / Expedition Members

Hadrod and Hadrah – Friendly middle-aged camel drivers and cooks.



Felliped – Survivor of the Lions of Senara adventuring company. Rescued inside Kelmarane.

Oxvard – Survivor of the Lions of Senara adventuring company.  Rescued outside of Kelmarane. 



Dust-Digger – Enormous desert-dwelling creature that preys on travelers from below.  Like an ox-sized inverted starfish that can swim through the ground.

Geier – A horse-sized vulture native to the deserts of Har’Akir.

Pugwampis – Also known as "jackal rats", these tiny dog-headed gremlins are the bane of all who live nearby because ill luck follows wherever they go.  Evil to the core, they worship gnolls as gods.  Like almost everyone else, gnolls despise pugwampis.



Jhavul -A shamed member of the efreet nobility of the City of Brass, a famed location on the Plane of Fire. The treatise Courts of Stone and Flame suggests that he ventured to the Material Plane in search of an army and a legacy to raise his standing, during which time he and his armies warred against the Templars of the Five Winds, but that he was never seen in the City of Brass again.

Nefeshti – A powerful djinni princess a great genie noble whose designs upon Luxur and Har’Akir have had good and bad consequences. The Song of Edrehu suggests that the Templars’ immortality came from a powerful wish uttered by Nefeshti in antiquity, stating that so long as the

warriors retained her favor, they would live forever.

Templars of the Five Winds – Immortal Jann (genies) who were ancient heroes of Har’Akir.  Popular in tales of the southern deserts, they defeated a great evil centuries ago near Pale Mountain. They were enemies of Caravok, god of destruction. They served Nefeshti.

Davashuum Served Nefeshti as an executioner and, in dire extremes, as an assassin. He represents the fury of winds from all

directions and wields a powerful quarterstaff.

Kardswann A scout and traveler of the planes, Kardswann’s weapon is an elaborate greataxe,and he represents the south wind, the most well-traveled and worldly of the winds.

Pazhvann Nefeshti’s advisor and spiritual guide. He represents the east wind, upon which the whispers of the gods and the advice of elders is carried. His weapon is a tremendous burning flail.

Vardishal – One of the Templars of the Five Winds. He carried the fabled weapon known as Tempest.  A general of Nefeshti’s armies, Vardishal’s represents the north wind, a wind said to carry the battle cries of all armies. He later became identified with the religion of Erdhon and was names a saint of that faith. His memories and spirit now inhabit Diox in some strange way.

Zayifid  Nefeshti’s spy and diplomat, Zayifid was a messenger and spy. He represents the west wind, upon which secrets thought hidden were carried. His weapon is a delicate but razor-sharp scimitar.


Falls of the Alitha – Beautiful 80′ tall falls on the Alitha river.  Believed by the gnolls to be haunted.

Kelmerane – A town in the Marrakhan hills astride the overland route from Har’Akir to Luxur. It’s recovery and growth are the goals of Almah’s expedition.

The Monastery of St. Vardishal – An abandoned monastery dedicated to the worship of the sun god Erhdon. It sits a mile south of the Sultan’s Claw and two miles north of Kelmerane.

Pale Mountain – The tallest peak in the Adramagdus Mountains, this enormous block of bleached-white basalt is a landmark for travelers in the mountains, but has an evil reputation as a place haunted by monsters and evil spirits.

Refuge of Borlamnos – An ancient monastery near Kelmarane dedicated to the god of magic and knowledge.  Rumored to once house a famous oracle, it is now rumored to hide a mad hermit.

Ruined Fort – Once a stronghold meant to deter gnolls and bandits, this ruined structure near Kelmarane is now home to the Three-Jaws tribe of gnolls, enemies of the Kulldis tribe occupying Kelmarane.

The Sultan’s Claw – A huge, five-branched tree in the rocky southern deserts of Har’Akir that provides a landmark to travelers in that region.



Tempest – The fabled weapon of Vardishal.