All-Time Best Fantasy Heroes From RPG Fighting Games

Growing up, we saw some movies which projected some heroic character and we held those characters in high esteem and most times kids dreamt of becoming like those heroes (especially from Marvel) and possibly save the world from invasion from aliens, save people from disaster, accident or even from the bad guys.

We saw some video game heroes, some of which we were familiar with from the movies and other new video game heroes. The role-playing games also allowed us to be or assume the place of these characters and save the programmed world, finish a task or accomplish an assignment.

RPG fighting games had given us so many amazing role-playing video game heroes such as;

  • Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
  • Link (Nintendo Universe, Universe of the legend of Zelda)
  • Sephiroth ( Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Gaia)
  • Gerald of Rivia (The Hexer)
  • Sora (Kingdom Heart)
  • Revan (Star Wars)
  • Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 2)
  • Crono (Crono Trigger)
  • Tidus (Final Fantasy X)
  • Kratos (God of War II)
  • Diablo (Marvel Universe)
  • ZIron Man ( Marvel’s Avengers)
  • Captain America ( Marvel Avengers)
  • Deadpool (Marvel Universe)
  • Wolverine (Marvel Universe)
  • Spider-Man (Marvel Universe)
  • Thor (Marvel Universe)
  • Fantastic Four ( Mr. Fantastic, invisible woman, Human touch, Thing and Silver Surfer from Marvel Universe)
  • Guardian of the Galaxy (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3)
  • X-Men (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3)
  • Black Widow ( Marvel’s Avenger)
  • Hulk (Marvel’s Avengers)
  • Ant-Man (Marvel’s Avengers)
  • Taskmaster (Marvel’s Avengers)
  • Nick Fury (Marvel’s Avengers)
  • Batman
  • Captain Marvel ( Marvel Universe)
  • Wonder Woman
  • Captain Marvel
  • Superman

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