The Black Dragons
Frost and Shadow
Burning Star
The Red Hand of Doom
Savage Tide
Legacy of Fire

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Theeurth began in 1976 as a place to set the heroic stories I created in my mind, inspired by tales of the Round Table and the Fellowship of the Ring. In 1977, it became a ready-made setting for my earliest games of Dungeons and Dragons.  And so it has remained for more than a third of a century.

Since 1977, there have been ten “campaigns” or long-term games, set in Theeurth.  In that time, more than seventy  players and hundreds of characters have helped to create a complex tapestry of stories.

These are the names and dates of the campaigns:

1977-1983: “The Iron Gates”
1983-1991: “The Cupbearers”
1991-1997: “The Black Dragons”
1997-1999: “The Lords of Men”
2000-2003: “Clash of Empires”
2003-2004: “An Age of Frost and Shadow”
2004-2005: “The Legacy of the Burning Star”
2010-Present: “The Red Hand of Doom”
2010-Present: “The Savage Tide Adventure Path”
2010-Present: “The Legacy of Fire Adventure Path”