In the world of video games, there are video games of entirely different genres. We have those of action, adventures, platforms, shooters, strategy, musicals, driving, simulators, etc. in spite of everything, personally, for the games that I usually care more about than for any other are the RPG.

Whether it’s the world I’m transported to, the story they tell me, their characters I manage to empathize with, their mechanics or other factors get me hooked during the dozens that usually last sometimes. Of course there are cases and cases, and of course, not all RPG succeed and excel above the rest of the titles that exist.

Running, climbing, going down, chasing dragons, killing them, saving the Princess, fighting trolls, leprechauns, and other magical creatures what could be more fun? Take a break, open the app, and get lost in the beautiful world of imagination.

  1. Dungeon Gems

Join players from all over the world in an adventure to defeat the Dragons. Drag your finger on the elementary runes to unite them and free the attacks of your heroes. Two hundred twenty mighty Warriors await you, choose wisely each one, who has a different elemental attack but in turn is vulnerable to another element. There is always someone ready to help you in your adventure, whether a friend or a stranger, fans of this game, who will share their passion with you.

  1. Dungeon of Slyn

It’s a role-playing game, where you’ll explore a cell with a lot of dangers on every corner. According to history, the dreaded lord Slyn has robbed the hard-working people, and for a long time, no one can put an end to his terrible reign. The players are the powerful heroes of the kingdom, who have been commissioned to enter Lord Slyn’s prison to kill him and stop all the suffering that peace has caused on Earth.

  1. Elements Defender

On the Palantir continent, former Masters developed a magi crystal assistant, which possesses powerful elemental energy. This energy was kept in balance on the continent; however, an evil force came to fill it with shadows. The goal is to destroy the Magi crystal and seize control of Earth. A young warrior must protect the Magi crystal and defeat the enemies of entry. Ready for the challenge?

  1. Darksong Chronicles

Enjoy more than 20 hours of a classic role-playing game, arranged in turn and set in a 2D world, very colorful with the art of pixel. Explore a vast fantasy world and discover the treasure. You will have to defeat powerful enemies by playing online with your friends on various devices. You can also share your stop between PC and Windows Phone.